The Super Hero

Super Hero Name: Tempest Fury

My powers are Weather Embodiment and Technology Beam Emission

“I can become the embodiment of any weather phenomenon and combine the power of technology to make what closely resembles a ‘living storm.’ Here are a few examples:”

1) “I can become a dense fog which may be large enough to cover an entire city or state or small enough to engulf a small land, air, or sea vehicle. I can, within the miasma, create an electric charge or field of plasma of any strength, intensity or temperature. You may imagine the awesome power and its nearly limitless applications.”

2) “I can create great illusions in the sky by use of atmospheric and weather phenomenon to reveal strange, rare, and seemingly impossible occurrences such as multiple suns, complete dark, or even the appearance that one is walking upside down in the sky with the ground far below. Such surreal conditions completely bewilder and baffle enemies and they cannot accurately determine their position and even fail to recall what activity in which they were just engaged.”

3) “I can become a large, sinister, and dark cyclone of almost any size or intensity, destroying structures with ultra intense winds mixed with lightning, plasma or ball lightning, high yield lasers, or powerful photon bursts. All malignant edifices and foes shall surely fall before me.”

Alignment: Good

Weakness: Although able to generate very strong gravitational fields of his own by use of “Technology Beam Emission,” the subject exhibits a marked vulnerability to extreme gravitational forces akin to that which would be encountered when near the event horizon of a super-massive black hole.

Limitations: The subject may only employ one each of Weather Embodiment and Technology Beam Emission at a time. Therefore, he must often select the perfect pairing of the two aspects to avoid the time delay necessary to change one or the other or both effects and the time delay in recasting the new choice or choices.

Origin: “I was once a humanoid alien form the far side of this galaxy whose spacecraft, avoiding the sudden appearance of a large meteor, veered too close to an undetected black hole causing it careen off course and to crash land into a massive storm on the surface of a super giant gas planet. There my body merged with the massive raging tempest and combined with the advanced technology within my spacecraft. Here too, I lost my beloved soul-companion and knowing not what of her became yet vexes me.”

Quote: “I may appear in a form that appears to be human. Yet if one looks closely into my eyes, a storm ever rages within each of them.”


Paleontology humor

There was a young paleontology exchange student from the orient named Lati Do. On an expedition she encountered a set of fossilized bones which, very peculiarly, were arranged as in the manner of the musical scale. She excitedly asked the renowned paleontologist in charge of the dig, “professor, what type of creature was that?” He replied dispassionately, “why, that’s a Doe Reime fossil, Lati Do.”

the immortal

I’m certain that you remember back to the time, just after the Earth was formed. One could wander far from Adam and Eve’s domain and be totally alone, surrounded by animals who feared us not and we needed not fear. The water tasted as sweet as existence itself. The entire globe wore a thick cover of water vapor concealing the moon’s shape at night and there were no stars, even were there no mantle of atmospheric moisture to block their glow. After the great flood, the Earth was so much different, yet the firmament, finally a scant few beacons of light, proudly revealed themselves, growing in number, seemingly nightly, as their proof having journeyed so far, finally found its way here. We cannot go back to that time any more than the illumination can journey back to the stars from which it originated, just as I cannot return to mend mankind’s mistakes. My purpose here has been served in that capacity, for I yet have other duties, and as you surely understand for which purpose I needn’t elaborate further. The longer that I live, the seemingly more inscrutable humans become, That is, however, until I focus on life’s meaning. Fret not over the past, forget it never and learn from it. Fear not the future, for if you have planned for it properly, it houses your due reward. Aeons seem to last but an instant, yet men perceive time as a constant. Why do I find so many things amusing, particularly this fact?

the voices

I am never alone anymore. There are no visitors here in my home, but yet I feel an unfamiliar presence. The bumps, footsteps, and shuffling sounds are always in another room or above me in the attic. Why am I am being watched, for what sinister purpose? I do not know. I heard voices yet again today. They can’t be talking about me, I said to myself, but still I know that I perceived my name being whispered softly in my ear just moments ago. I bravely peeked through the narrow passage to the garret today, the sultry, musty air shoved by me as I opened the portal; it seemed apparent to my vision that there was nothing amiss, yet I felt as if someone were peering back at me from within a dark shadow in the foreboding corner. Alas, it has become bitterly cold since those fearsome moments and but a mere hour has since passed, as Fall has made the transition, reluctantly giving her way to cold and unforgiving Winter. I rest in my bed alone now, warmed cozily by my thick quilt; I am so very weary, yet I fear sleep’s inevitable embrace as the room grows dark, for I hear the voices once again; they are calling my name.

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