the immortal

I’m certain that you remember back to the time, just after the Earth was formed. One could wander far from Adam and Eve’s domain and be totally alone, surrounded by animals who feared us not and we needed not fear. The water tasted as sweet as existence itself. The entire globe wore a thick cover of water vapor concealing the moon’s shape at night and there were no stars, even were there no mantle of atmospheric moisture to block their glow. After the great flood, the Earth was so much different, yet the firmament, finally a scant few beacons of light, proudly revealed themselves, growing in number, seemingly nightly, as their proof having journeyed so far, finally found its way here. We cannot go back to that time any more than the illumination can journey back to the stars from which it originated, just as I cannot return to mend mankind’s mistakes. My purpose here has been served in that capacity, for I yet have other duties, and as you surely understand for which purpose I needn’t elaborate further. The longer that I live, the seemingly more inscrutable humans become, That is, however, until I focus on life’s meaning. Fret not over the past, forget it never and learn from it. Fear not the future, for if you have planned for it properly, it houses your due reward. Aeons seem to last but an instant, yet men perceive time as a constant. Why do I find so many things amusing, particularly this fact?